Security and emergency management for cultural institutions

EGIDA is the innovative solution designed for the protection, security and emergency management of cultural institutions (such as museums, historical archives, archaeological parks and theatres), with a focus on people, environments and works. 

It is the platform for the synthesis of all the information necessary to anticipate and deal with security and emergency situations within the cultural institution. 

What can you do with EGIDA?

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The information already available such as floor plans, fire certificates, positioning of the works, in a single repository. 

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An overall picture of the institution in terms of safety thanks to a standard model, certified by ICOM Italy. 

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Potential risks and anticipate possible critical issues such as fires, thefts, floods, earthquakes, etc. 

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The movable and immovable heritage of the cultural institution, in relation to protection, conservation and restoration. 

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Environmental conditions thanks to IoT sensors which, with Artificial Intelligence modules, manage active and preventive safety. 

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The security and emergency manual for personnel, civil defence and fire brigades, to manage emergency response teams. 

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The security and emergency plans based on the risks analysed and structure the procedures to be activated. 

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Information between different operators such as curators, restorers, architects, fitters, directors, registrars, and technical office managers. 

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Prevention interventions; manage estimates, costs and lead times, including through warnings and alerts. 

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Personnel and Management with training activities to consciously address critical issues. 

Protect cultural heritage with EGIDA

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User friendly

A single space to find, manage and share information relating to security and emergency, creating a flow of data control, in an easy and progressive way.
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EGIDA is configurable according to the requirements of your organisation. Usable on multiple levels and with multiple users, provide your staff with a collaborative environment.
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It can be used on the go, from smartphones, PCs and tablets, directly where you need it most, for progressive and monitored data entry thanks to a special management dashboard.

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What are you waiting for? Secure your cultural heritage!

EGIDA is the software platform dedicated to security and emergency management for cultural institutions.