io Prenoto

Welcome the public safely

The io Prenoto app, developed by DM Cultura, is a digital booking system that makes it quick and easy to manage the flow of visitors, prevent long waits and unwanted crowds, and optimise time thanks to a user-friendly back-end. 

Created as a support for museums and cultural institutions, the io Prenoto app is also a valuable tool for public and commercial establishments. 

With the io Prenoto app, you can:

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Plan and control the number of accesses

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Manage information, timetables and images independently

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Check reservations immediately

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Become part of a virtual network of institutions and public businesses spread across the region

No more unnecessary waiting!

Provide your staff with an online monitoring and booking tool and, at the same time, welcome your public safely with controlled waiting times, so they can enjoy the visitor experience to the full. 

Visitors can download the io Prenoto app from the Apple Store and Google Play, select the place they want to visit, the day and time of day, and book their access, all while saving time.

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The io Prenoto App is the digital booking system designed to manage the flow of visitors, prevent unwanted crowds and optimise access. 

What are you waiting for? Welcome the public safely

io Prenoto is the App for booking and managing access to cultural sites, thereby preventing queues.