Mostre virtuali

Virtual exhibitions for museums, libraries and archives

An innovative tool that allows the cultural institution to autonomously create 3D exhibitions in a simple and intuitive way. 

Starting from the historical and artistic heritage catalogued, the curator of the exhibition designs and creates exhibition environments, takes care of the setting up, selects the contents and modifies them in real time thanks to our virtual exhibition generator, integrated in the management of the institution or directly in SAMIRA 

The institution is thereby able to create exhibition itineraries in 3D by itself, without further technological developments and enhancing, from time to time, the catalogued collections. 

Expand access to heritage with 3D exhibitions

Group 16

Discover the heritage

The aim is to make the sometimes inaccessible heritage accessible and offer visitors new opportunities to access it, while also extending the knowledge experience online. A different way of interpreting and communicating digitised collections. 

Group 22

Create virtual rooms

From the exhibition tab, the contents of which are extrapolated in real time from the database, the curator can create the individual rooms without technical support: from the positioning of the painting on the wall to the choice of flooring and the drafting of captions. 

Group 19

Learn more about the contents

The visitor can move freely in virtual rooms, approach the works and delve into the contents with images, videos and detailed information. The exhibition can be accessed at any time, via PC, smartphone or tablet. 

An immersive experience within the cultural institution’s digital exhibition itinerary

Our solutions

Manage library services

SebinaNEXT is the software chosen by over 4,700 libraries in Italy and France for the unified and integrated management of library services, library systems and library hubs. 

Create the library portal

SebinaYOU is the platform that combines a library’s catalogue, website and services for library users into a single digital environment. 

Catalogue the collection

SAMIRA is the software designed to catalogue, manage and promote the cultural heritage of museums, historical archives and foundations. 

Protect cultural heritage

EGIDA is the innovative solution for the protection, security and emergency management of cultural institutions. 

Design your Digital Library

ReteINDACO is the digital library with nearly 2,200,000 digital resources including ebooks, audio books and much more. 

Welcome the public safely

The io Prenoto App is the digital booking system designed to manage the flow of visitors, prevent unwanted crowds and optimise access. 

What are you waiting for? Design your 3D exhibits

A tool that allows you to independently generate your virtual management exhibitions.