Design your ReteINDACO Digital Library

ReteINDACO is the digital library with nearly 2,200,000 digital resources including ebooks, audio books, music, films, language courses, lessons, video games, databases and much more. 

The digital lending platform provides libraries and their users with around 2 million free digital resources, thanks to agreements with publishers and distributors, research activities and materials made available by ReteINDACO libraries. 

Where can you find ReteINDACO digital resources?

Sebina Systems

For the library systems that adopt Sebina, the digital resources are integrated in the catalogue, in the workflow of the loan and consultation services, and can be used by users in SebinaYOU. 

Other Systems 

For all other systems, ReteINDACO supports the library catalogue, personalising the choice of digital resources and modelling itself on the visual identity of the library system. 

The ReteINDACO Scientific Committee

Made up of representatives of the libraries and systems belonging to the network, the Scientific Committee exists to ensure maximum participation and transparency in defining the guidelines and activities of the digital library. 

Our goal is to make available to libraries and library systems a large digital collection, mostly consisting of free resources, to offer to their users. 


The ioleggodigitale portal was born from the “Unite to share” digital solidarity initiative promoted by DM Cultura together with the ICCU – The Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information.

Created thanks to the collaboration with Amazon Web Service (AWS), the world’s leading cloud platform, the portal allows access, without registration, to over 2 million free, copyright-free digital resources belonging to the ReteINDACO digital library. 

Scopri le altre soluzioni

Manage library services

Sebina is the software chosen by over 4,700 libraries in Italy and France for the unified and integrated management of library services, library systems and library hubs.

Create the library portal

SebinaYOU is the platform that unifies library catalogue, website and user services into a single digital environment.

Catalogue the collection

SAMIRA software is the platform for cataloguing and managing cultural heritage of museums, historical archives and foundations.

Protect cultural heritage

EGIDA is the innovative solution designed for the protection, security and emergency management of cultural institutions

Welcome the public safe

The io Prenoto App is the digital booking system designed to manage the flow of visitors, prevent unwanted crowds and optimise access.

Design your 3D exhibitions

The virtual exhibition generator is the tool that allows you to indipendently create your 3D exhibitions directly from the management system.

What are you waiting for? Create your digital library

ReteINDACO is the vast digital library with 2 million free digital resources including ebooks, music, audio books and much more.