Create the portal dedicated to library users

SebinaYOU is the platform that unifies library catalogue, website and user services into a single digital environment. A single interface, simple and intuitive, for searching, accessing information and using all types of resources, including digital ones. 

Closely integrated with SebinaNEXT, it can also be used with other software platforms. 

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Thematic showcases

To guide the user to discover the catalogue, including news, top-ten and reading suggestions. 

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Virtual shelves

To explore the library shelf online, in a fun and useful way. 

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Library pages

All information about the library (opening hours, contacts, address) and showcases, in one page. 

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Events and news

To communicate and promote the initiatives organised by libraries and beyond. 

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Comments and lists

Available to readers with reviews, suggestions, bibliographies and customisable lists. 

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Social sharing

To communicate about catalogue resources and create an active online community. 

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User space

To check loans and reservations, receive notifications, suggest reads and choose your favourite libraries. 

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To register online and become a library user, easily and at any time. 

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Buying a card

From the comfort of your home, to access the library’s paid services. 

SebinaYOU is much more than an OPAC 

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Each SebinaYOU is the result of careful graphic and service design, modelled on the identity of your library.
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An excellent user experience for all your users, regardless of the access device: smartphone, tablet or PC.
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SebinaYOU is the new generation OPAC designed for easy use of contents and services, even by users with disabilities.
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Are you a public reading library, a university library, a hub or a library system? Each SebinaYOU is designed around your unique requirements.
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SebinaYOU speaks the language of your users, for an increasingly international, communicative and welcoming library portal.
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Enrich the online catalogue with the digital resources of ReteINDACO, accessible from SebinaYOU for a digital library just a click away.

A SebinaYOU profile for everyone

Activate a personalised profile for your library or ‘system’, linked to the SebinaYOU portal of your library hub. The profile, using the same software infrastructure of the hub, will have its own visual and catalogue identity tailored to your library, with specific services designed for users. 


SebinaYOU KIDS is the portal entirely dedicated to the little readers of your library. From fonts to graphics, from services to research, every detail is child-friendly to encourage children to play with the catalogue and learn. A digital space in which children and parents can discover the library’s resources. Depending on the age groups, create the SebinaYOU KIDS that best suits your users. 

The digital library assistant

Make the chatbot available to your users: an interactive virtual assistant, integrated in SebinaYOU, for basic reference and loan information. The system allows users to request and obtain in real time all the information they need to use the library services, online and on-site, and information regarding their own situation. 

For example, the user can immediately receive information regarding: opening hours and addresses of libraries, document delivery services, loans and reservations in progress, books read and much more. 


The library in your pocket

With the Sebina Apps, you can offer your users not only the services of the SebinaYOU portal but also the typical services of mobile devices. Together, we have already developed over 60 Library Apps, in iOS and Android environments, to create a reader-friendly daily tool.  

sebinayou app sebina

Reading ISBN code

You can read the ISBN code with the camera for immediate search of the book in the catalog.

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Library map

Map indication of the nearest libraries which own the book of interest.

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Push notifications

Booked documents available for digital lending, expired documents.

Do you have the EBSCO DISCOVERY SERVICE (EDS)? Integrate it into SebinaYOU!

With a single search, your users will be able to access all the content and services offered by the library system, both in the catalogue and in the electronic resources provided by EDS. 

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Institutional Single Sign-On

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Apply fine-tuning filters that operate based on the functionality of the EDS APIs

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Simple and immediate searching in the library catalogue and content offered by EDS

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Consultation of information on electronic resources, with metadata provided by the EDS APIs

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Access to the full-text of electronic resources provided by EDS

sebinayou biblioteca universitaria

Creation of bibliographies with resources owned by libraries and provided by EDS (e.g. articles)

Our solutions

Manage library services

SebinaNEXT is the software chosen by over 4,700 libraries in Italy and France for the unified and integrated management of library services, library systems and library hubs. 

Catalogue the collection

SAMIRA is the software designed to catalogue, manage and promote the cultural heritage of museums, historical archives and foundations. 

Protect cultural heritage

EGIDA is the innovative solution for the protection, security and emergency management of cultural institutions. 

Design your Digital Library

ReteINDACO is the digital library with nearly 2,200,000 digital resources including ebooks, audio books and much more. 

Welcome the public safely

The io Prenoto App is the digital booking system designed to manage the flow of visitors, prevent unwanted crowds and optimise access. 

Design your 3D exhibits

The virtual exhibition generator is the tool that allows you to independently create your 3D exhibitions directly from the management system.

What are you waiting for? Offer your users a tailor-made portal!

SebinaYOU is the digital space available to users to help them use all the services of your library.