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What we can do together with your institution

Strategic Consulting

Not sure where to start? Let us help you design the digital strategy plan for your museum, library, archive or foundation. We will guide you in identifying your strategic goals, measuring your institution's digital maturity, rethinking the digital activities, products, and services you offer to your stakeholders, identifing the main issue to tackle to gain the necessary skills and resources.

A clear strategy is a key asset for the future of your cultural institution.

Project design

Turning an idea into a project is a long and articulated path. It takes a precise set of actions to design a project from a vision, clearly defining goals, timing and budget.

We support your institution in defining the digital project and scouting possible sources of founding via national and European tenders.

and digitization

A digital catalogue is an indispensable tool for the knowledge, protection, and monitoring of cultural heritage. We support you in its implementation, from the systematic organization of information to the digital acquisition of the asset via photographic or 3D scanning. Creating quality metadata is the first stage for launching digitization campaigns that guarantee strategic processes of conservation, protection, and enhancement of the cultural heritage in which the data is constantly evolving.

Access systems

Depending on your audience, goals, and budget, DM Cultura identifies the right digital services to create engaging, creative, and accessible cultural experiences., We design projects that incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

  • Web and mobile platforms
  • Apps
  • Chatbots
  • Totems and multimedia tables
  • IoT systems
  • Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mixed reality


We help you unlocking the power of your cultural asset by designing communication strategies focused on dialoguing with your communities. With our help you will also be able to reachingì new audiences and creating new relationships with potential stakeholders.

  • Communication strategies and plans
  • Social media marketing
  • Curating and creating content for digital media

capacity bulding

We share our expertise through capacity-building courses provided to your institution's staff. We provide remote as well as in person learning.

  • Sebina platform
  • Samira platform
  • Librarianship theory and practice
  • Archival theory and practice

specialist advice

DM Cultura knowledge asset, based on years of industry experience and constant R&D, will support your institution through a tailored consultancy path.

From cataloguing to digitization, from project management to system integration, DM Cultura provides solutions to all actors in the GLAMs sector.