Digital Library

Enhancing the value of your digital cultural heritage

Our Digital Library is closely integrated with our Sebina cataloguing software platform, and encompasses:

  • specialist search engine with a portal for users to search for resources (SebinaYOU);
  • Image IIIF server for managing digital assets and generating related manifest, based on the IIIF standard;
  • IIIF Mirador viewer - open source, web-based, multi-window - for resource viewing, with zoom and magnify, editing, annotation, and much more features.

Exploration paths and an engaging interface, encourage the interaction between the digital cultural heritage and its the public. DM Cultura offers much more than a showcase site: we provide an ecosystem of semantic relationships in which end users actively relate to the aggregated digital resources.

The Digital Library service uses the emerging IIIF - International Image Interoperability Framework - technology and standard for collecting and reusing the resources of digital collections, facilitating their interoperability and encouraging national and international cooperation.

Users can access the Digital Library resources with the IIIF viewer and then share the resources with other users as well as compare them with those of other institutions around the world. The Digital Library therefore offers a diversified approach on accessing the digital cultural heritage, providing the bedrock on which to enable new services.