Manage your library services with Sebina

SebinaNEXT is the software chosen by over 4,700 libraries in Italy and France for the unified and integrated management of library services, library systems and library hubs. SebinaNEXT is the most recent evolution of the Sebina platform. Thanks to its modular structure, it allows you to create a customised digital ecosystem, suitable for managing all types of services.


Document circulation, digital lending and digital reference, with integrated flows: loan desk, self-check, automatic communications (notifications, reminders, notices), internal and external lending points for "networked lending" throughout the region, ILL and DD integrated with SBN ILL, accounting management and more.

Sebina registry

User management, librarians and other operators, libraries, suppliers, for the provision of all services of the library system. The area is completed by: online registration, access to libraries and rooms, integration with turnstiles and booking of equipment, rooms and events.

Catalogue & eletronic resources

All resources (electronic, paper or other media, shared with SBN or local) are available in a single integrated catalogue, with information on physical and digital copies, enriched with customised metadata, as well as external Linked Open Data (LOD) datasets.


Administration of the entire flow of library acquisitions (including through EDI integration with suppliers) and the budget structured according to chapters and expenditure items. The process can be managed by a Service Centre that works for multiple libraries.


Administrative management of periodicals: from subscriptions (manageable with a centralised service) to communications with suppliers, from the automatic generation of files using forecast models to the registration of files with automatic updating of the copy.

System management

All SebinaNEXT components are configurable to automate processes. Customisations include: online services, lending rules, choice of channels and automatic sending of communications, configuration of cataloguing flows and sharing with SBN.

Open data & monitor

Extraction of library Open Data and Linked Open Data sets, for free use-reuse, and a flexible report generator and customised statistics.

Sebina: much more than a library management platform

In the cloud

Manage your library in the cloud, with a sustainable, scalable and flexible service model that guarantees security and protection of personal data.


Create the most suitable digital environment for your library with Sebina: choose the components, configure them according to needs and regulations, and propose tailor-made services for your users.


A single environment, easy to use and with multi-user access, in which you can share services, models, data and configurations with other libraries to optimise processes and save time.

User friendly

Organise your virtual work desk, choose the most useful services and build your personalised environment: messages, agenda, to do, infographics, Twitter widgets.


SebinaNEXT facilitates sharing and integration with other systems and simplifies processes, through data models based on ontologies, open standards and APIs.


Wherever you go. From PC, mobile and tablet, access SebinaNEXT at any time and place to manage information and better organise your work.

Compliant with standards

Compatible with italian and international reference standards and data models. Among the main ones:

SAML 2.0

Towards SebinaNEXT, and beyond

GDPR compliant

It protects personal data, in full compliance with current European legislation.

ICCU certification

Compliant with SBNMARC protocol at level 4 for all types of material

Saas qualification

First Integrated Library System to obtain AgID qualification for the provision of services in SaaS (Software as a Service) with Cloud Service Provide,

ILL-SBN integration

It allows integration with the Inter Library Loan SBN service for interlibrary loan and document supply.

Are you a university library?

Integrate SebinaNEXT into your information systems!

Integration with U-GOV and TITULUS

Manage the administrative and accounting processes of the University, with simple and immediate methods.

  • Operational support for the streamlining of processes
  • Simplification and control of the purchasing cycle
  • Optimisation of information management
  • Automation of the accounting administrative workflow
Integration with institutional user repositories and authentication systems

All university services, including library services, in one account.

  • Digital identity management with institutional Single Sign On
  • Simplification of the management processes of personal data
  • Optimisation of information management, preventing double registration in the various information systems